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My Super Soco TS 1200 R stops and not run again

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Patrice from France, my super soco had a bit more than 15000km. Today, when riding, it stopped and didn't want to run again. The battery is more than 70%, when turn on, light, Turn light, klaxon and display are OK, but not any way to drive. I note that Gear Selector shows 0 instead of 1, 2 or 3. The "P" for park is not present, the ready is well shown. It seems that not any command for the right hand are able to run.

Both Throttle, Park and gear selector have not any effect. Also no park with the stand (low or hight position didn't change any indication on display.

Not any error code showed on display

I also note that the stop rear light didn't operate, both left / right brake lever didn't turn on the STOP light.

I am very disappointed about such an issue and really appreciate some help

Many thanks,

Kind regards, Patrice


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Hi , i got same issue with  Gear Selector shows 0 , they remplace my hall sensor on my motor and work again