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Tyre performance in wet weather

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Hi, I was wondering whether the tyres of the TC work well in wet, slippery weather. I just got my license and don't really have a feeling for the bike so I'm scared I will fall when it rains or the road is wet.


Do you guys have any experience with this? Thanks In Advance!

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I'm not very experienced, but yes, you have to be more careful when the road is wet. If you follow the road speed limits, though, and keep enough distance to the vehicule in front of you, you will be fine.

What IS very dangerous in wet conditions are the following :

- The white road markings (crosswalks, white lines etc.) are very slippery in the rain. Avoid sharp turns or braking on these surfaces.

- Dead leaves fallen from the trees, it's like holiday on ice.

- Metal junctions of bridge elements, or metal plates on the road in general.


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I changed to pirelli angel city, feels like a real bike now. But I went for wider than original

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Original tyres are very bad. Either you change to more qualitatives tyres, either park your TC until good weather is back (I mean in the spring).

Last year this time, at about 4-5°, on a wet road combined with some oil from cars, I felt very easy without being able to recover. I haven't changed the tyres, but I will not drive until spring time.

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You can read this topic to learn more about other tyres, the original tyres are definitely not the best tyres!

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