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TC battery connector welded

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As the title says, my battery connector has WELDED it self to the power cable. It isn't unlocked or upgraded, everything is stock.

Short story long, I was driving with my friend on the back, with our both weights combined it didn't exceed the limit on the TC model. It was a 30min drive, and on the way home it started to have some weird issues, the engine light started to blink, and it reset in the middle of the road, the throdle stopped working.

Maybe it was the heat we were driving in, around 38C.

But I'm looking for replacment parts, mainly the battery round connector and the power round connector. My warranty is way off and I can't go to the nearest dealer without any transport (It's around 40km's). Any way I could rescue it from completely melting down?


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It happen to me 2 times. It's due to vibration and short circuiting. You can order set of new power cables and battery connectors. Sadly this is the only way.