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Super soco TC troubleshooting

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Hello! I've had my super soco a year now. I have roughly 200 miles on it. Anyways today when I was going out for a ride with it it wouldn't start. When I used my unlock button I didn't get the unlock sound from the bike. No light from the start button on the bike. The main switch is on and the battery is fully charged. yesterday I parked it with 80% charged and did not put in the charge. So today I charged it to 100 straight from the charging cable. I tested both of my electric keys. So there was no problem with the batteries in them. What can I do? If I can't solve it here I will take the bike to the local bike store where I got it.

edit: I forgot to mention that the alarm system does not work either. So I suppose the bike is not getting any kind of electricity at all