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I like to do my own maintenance what do I need? gurus?

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Hello All;

I am an engineer that doesn't trust anyone doing maintenance but there are some things I would like to know such as updating firmware so what do I need I assume a specific cable from under seat to a PC or mobile phone?

Other than that the rest looks pretty intuitive in that it needs to be clean dry and unbroken.

Any suggestions to increase performance just a little would be greatly appreciated, yes I know the warranty is at risk but as I don't think I will be getting any servicings that is not going to be any use to me.

regards and lets talk stuff John

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Changing tires, speedo is calibrated for 120\80 not 110\70 so your speedo is lying to you in range of 15%.

You need to change tires anyway, stock one are for China. They are not bad, just designed for different climate and different asphalt composition. They are slippery AF in lower temperatures. Low temp. and rain/snow and it may not be fun.

I cannot find programming cable, but it would not help. Limiting factor is V to A in battery. I tore up one controller and it's not build for performance. Swapping to 72V move A and other controller would be nice.

As for standard maintenance. Download manual, and go thru every bolt. Bike is good quality but build by monkeys with hammers lot's of bolt under and over torqued

My brake calipers were damaged from factory, rubber and metal shavings inside, swapped for calipers from sporty 125.

Changing rear shock is also advised. Change of front suspension requires swapping triple tree or cutting and boring out existent one. 

That bad news. Good news are that due to lightweight of bike pitbike's parts fit great and are really good replacement.