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Changing the handlebar grips on a Super Soco TC (with photos)  

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I ordered a pair of new grips for my TC. Since people have asked about this on this board, I thought I'd offer photos for anyone thinking of trying this.


I worked the left grip off just by twisting and sliding a tiny bit at a time.

Bare handlebar underneath. No sign of glue.

The end cap is held on by a fake hex bolt. It's really just a plastic spide that expands to hold it in place. It has to be broken to be removed.

I was able to twist and shove the new grip onto the left side.

On the throttle side, I pried off the metal end cap. You can see the head of the fake hex bolt (black circle in my hand) and it's spike in the end of the rubber grip.

You can't remove the end cap without breaking the fake bolt.

The throttle grip is glued onto the throttle tube. (The throttle tube is attached to the throttle assembly and turns freely around the handle bar.) I chose to cut off the old grip because it wasn't moving otherwise.

The throttle tube is exposed. There's lots of dried glue residue to remove before I mount the throttle grip.

Why isn't there a photo of the new throttle grip? It turns out the Super Soco throttle tube is larger than the throttle-side grip. (Grips have a 22mm left side and a slightly larger right side). It didn't fit. 🙁

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They look much better now with new grip