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Pumping tyres + higher speed

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I noticed after pumping my tyres from 18-20psi to 32psi which is original cold max for TC- tyres. I think its similair for the TS tyres. It is written on the tyres how much you should pump them up to.


So the speed increase was from 62km/h unrestricted to about 72km/h only by pumping my tyres.

I understand battery SOC has an effect on the top speed but the tyres have it to.

Maybe you could get a few more km/h  by pumping the tyres harder BUT you would also be losing security in that both you are over the limit in psi and also that the grip on the road will be sacrificed as less tyre is touching the road. (which is also affected by speed, higher speed is less tyre touching the road at any time which can affect, road handling and braking distance in the end)

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