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New android dash for upgraded TS

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I have made another topic for the upgrade of my super soco TS, it now has two 35ah batteries and a sabvoton 72150 controller, only downside is that my dash is not working anymore, and keeping it only for the speed indication is a waste of space. There are chinese dashes on aliexpress, but I decided to go the other way and use the app called realdash, I am familiar with this from the car industry interfacing this with after market ecu's. There was a arduino sketch availible so tried to install it on a arduino nano 33 iot, and it works straight away

20210615 204515
20210615 204436
20210615 204505
20210615 204427

What i want to show:

-Speed (derived from gps so no hassle here)
-Current draw from both batteries seperate (used a small +75A to -75A measurement cell
-Battery level (will measure the voltage by using a voltage divider) convert this value to percentage
-indicators (turn signals, lights and so on)
-power indicator switch

I have done some trials, battery level i got working on the bench with my lab power supply, I received one of the current measurement cells today so gave it a try, it works really well, shows current draw when accelerating, throttle regen and brake regen. Values are correct, only negative is not showing yet, will look into that.

I have made a short movie, lots of things on the dash are showing simulated values, only look at the power cell 2 on the right and after one minute I show the graph screen, in the bottom right corner also shows power cell 2. I think it looks really good.

Its a real good option, in hardware its around 50 euro in parts, if you don't count the phone or tablet you need to use. I can post some simple schematics later, about the voltage dividers to use, but you need to have a certain background and interest to do this. I also don't mind to post my dashboard file when its finished.


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That looks awesome! I am really looking forward to your next posts about this!