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MOT costs

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Has anyone done an MOT on their Supersoco yet? did it pass? was there anything special or different it was pulled up on?

I wondering what to expect for costs of an electric bike MOT will be

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Mine is due its 1st next year, but cant see any reason for anything special needed or it costing any more than a normal motorbike would. Having MOT'd my normal bikes before there is not that much to it compared to a Car one.

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I bought my CPX this summer so i have to pass in 4 years from now according to the Greek legislation. However the cost here is the same for any 2 wheeler whether it is a scooter motorcycle or electric one

bikes that are 50cc or less (or the equivalet horsepower electric ones) are not required to pass an mot. 

(the CPX is equivalent to a 125cc scooter)

Mot cost here in Greece is 20€