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1 year of TC

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Hello everyone,


One year already since I bought my TC and I would like to share few thoughts with you:

- battery is almost like new, I don't feel any loose of capacity. I did around 1300km in one year (with 3 months during winter when I did not use). Most important things to be careful:

---- very rarely I charged it to 100% (maximum once every 2 months) and most of the time I stop charging it at 85%. Of course never let it discharge to 0%, in general I plug it in at minimum 35%. This should guarantee 3k charge cycles and many years of usage.

---- battery connector is not making good connection, it happened many times, while riding, comunication between IC and battery lost so the battery level indicator switched to 0% and started to blink. In general removing and more firmly pushing back solved the connection. Of course tried to keep the battery un-removed as much as possible, because connection issues appear due to too frequent plugin/out of cable into battery.

----- during cold period it's stored inside with 50% SOC. This is the perfect storing condition. 

- tyres are not the best. Haven't changed, but plan to do next year. For good weather they are OK, if road is wet recommend very careful driving, for cold (ice or snow) a big NO.

- front light is pathetic, good only to make you visible to other drivers. I purchased a handle bar extender and mount on it a more powerful bike front light. Now I'm not only visible, but can also see 30 meters ahead.

- only IC has broken in 1 year, did not indicate the speed correctly. Chaged it on warranty (actually received the new part from my dealer (who is 500km away) and I changed it by myself - straightforward 2 hours operation). Anyway I could survive without correct speed indicator, I can "feel" already the speed.

- fallen once (on cold weather when road was covered with melting ice and mud), only left foot rest was slitghly damaged. I fixed it by myself with some strong power because it's aluminium and does not crack.

- for this money it's the best bike, does its job and it's very cheap to travel and also very fast (in busy cities you simply don't wait in queue when all cars are stopped at a semaphore, but rather go between lanes on front of all... just be careful all drivers see you before they start moving when light goes green).

- I don't feel I need a second battery. My comutes are 20-30 km maximum daily.  Of course if distance is more than 50km both ways and you cannot charge at work or in the middle of the trip, a second battery would save you. Alternatives are DYI batteries with 21700 or 18650 batteries, with a strong BMS, used as standalone until it's depleated, then switch to original battery, and you can get more than 100 km without charging. I plan it for second half of next year (a minimum of 200 cells are needed and buying them in chunks of 20-30 from China takes time).


Long story short - I have had only good experience with my TC, or nothing seriously bad in 1 year.


If you have similar experience, feel free to share.